7 positive habits when you are unemployed

As you know, being unemployed is an undesirable situation throw which many workers ever go throw to a greater or lesser extent in our professional life. Nevertheless, we can promote certain daily habits that can be helpful so that the routine of finding a job in the computer does not create too much pressure and anxiety.


If we spend a few hours in Infojobs, Monster, Infoempleo, during a few days in a row without any positive result, the feeling of impotence can prove our emotional state. Therefore, we should try to turn our routine as dynamic as possible. To reach that objective, I propose the following tips. Here you have a piece of advice for you:

1º Practice some exercise. Go running for some minutes (around 30 or 40), o go out for a fast walk for an hour around a quiet area. Always being realistic with your real physical condition. “You shall not make any extra effort”. I recommend swimming as I already said in a previous post. Swimming is the best way to tone our body and reduce the tension and possible stress breakout.

2º Visit a library every day. It is important for me to have a minimum intellectual exercise when I am unemployed. We all find some topics interesting, or even at a professional level, there are some topics that we can find good references about in a public library.  That time is to satisfy our cultural curiosity, take up the habit to read and learn about new disciplines and topics about our previous professional career.

3ºAttend to training courses. About any subject. And it is better if it is about your professional area. Attend courses helps you to start again with a routine and create new friendship circles with people that are in your same situation. Usually it helps to share many helpful information about jobs and recruiting processes.

4º Be volunteer. There are many organizations that needs people daily for community pantries, social assistance for homeless people, taking care of children suffering from risk of social exclusion, etc. In the recent years I have meet some people whose volunteer experience has turn out into an employment contract with the organization.

5º Learn how to cook. Cooking can be a wonderful hobby as it involves preparation and buying the raw material and ingredients and plan the recipe. And you can see the results shortly. There are hundreds, thousands of web sites on the internet with well explained recipes in orther to cook good and easy cooking dishes. If you live with your couple she/he work, the result would be more satisfactory as she/he could get benefit of your cooking skills. If you are not a good chef, you might likely not be allowed to come back to the kitchen again.

6º Never spend more than an hour looking throw the employment websites. The reason is that in many cases we sign up in job offers whose desired profile it has nothing to do it ours. It is important that we sign up in job offers related to our career and not create initiatives with job offers who we are never be selected. Just spend one hour every day.

7º Promote a positive attitude, but realistic and overall you should have sense of humor. The pessimist just pays attention to the negative aspects. Nevertheless, there are some studies carried out by psychiatrics in United States that confirm that positive people value both positive and negative aspects when they have to take a decision. When you attend to a job interview, it is important to communicate enthusiasm and desire for working instead of despair and apathy for being    unemployed.

I hope you find these tips helpful to improve your transitory situation. Going out from an unemployment situation it just consists on attitude, creativity and time.

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7 hábitos positivos para tu paso por el paro

Traducción por Inés Rodríguez Corcobado